Booms and Busts

Course Description

Booms and Busts

In this course:

1. Learn basic macroeconomic concepts like economic growth, inflation, and monetary and fiscal policy.

2. Learn the causes and consequences of business cycles.

You don’t have to be an economist to notice that our economy experiences some pretty big swings. We hear in the news all the time about how stock markets are up or down, and a slew of commentators try to pinpoint the precise causes. At family gatherings, you may hear somebody blame their inability to get a job or their struggling business on ‘the economy’.

If you’re unsatisfied with this abstract language, this course is for you. We’ll start from scratch and see how an economy works in its fundamentals, like production; consumption; saving; interest and more, and we’ll make the causes of economic growth, economic decline and business cycles more clear. You’ll learn that when we save and invest resources for production, our economy can grow. When we use monetary policy that makes it look like we are saving, things go awry.