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Origins of the American Regime

FEE has partnered with Strata Academic Programs to bring you Origins of the American Revolution. The course will help you understand the principles that guided the Founders in the creation of the United States of America. You'll learn about John Locke, Samuel Adams, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. You'll also begin to understand ideas such as the consent of the governed and natural rights that influenced American politics.

The course is a two hour, self-paced learning experience with a focus on the history of American thought during the Revolutionary Era. It uses primary documents so that you can understand the ideas of the Founders as they did themselves, and reflection questions to stimulate careful consideration of these concepts. The workshop also uses entertaining videos to explain the history surrounding this exciting period of American history. This online course works wonderfully as a stand alone educational experience for those who want to learn on their own and as a resource for social studies teachers.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Origins of the American Regime

    • Overview

    • Content

  • 2

    Lesson One: The Seven Years War

    • The Beginning of the United States

    • The Seven Years' War

    • The Seven Years' War and the Great Awakening

  • 3

    Lesson Two: John Locke and the Liberal Philosophy

    • John Locke and the Liberal Philosophy

    • The Second Treatise on Government, Chapter 8 (Excerpt)

    • The Second Treatise on Government, Chapter 9

    • Reflection Questions

  • 4

    Lesson Three: The Beginnings of the American Revolution

    • The Sugar Act, The Stamp Act, and Parliamentary Authority

    • Taxes & Smuggling: Prelude to Revolution

    • Samuel Adams and the Rights of the Colonists

    • The Rights of the Colonists

    • Reflection Questions

  • 5

    Lesson Four: An Expression of the American Mind

    • An Expression of the American Mind

    • The Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence

    • The Declaration of Independence

    • Letter to Timothy Pickering

    • Reflection Questions

  • 6

    Lesson Five: The War for Independence

    • The American Revolution

    • Who Won the American Revolution?

    • Course Summary

    • Additional Readings and Materials