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  • What a marvelous job you've done of assembling such rich resources organized so well. Students have the opportunity to learn about economics, markets, and culture. Excellent and comprehensive, covering many issues about entrepreneurship with so much practical advice. Well done!
  • FEE has designed an outstanding course featuring fun, engaging material which introduces students to the basic principles of economics while showing them the practical application of the subject matter beyond the classroom.
  • FEE has put together a library of amazing courses on economic thinking and entrepreneurship. Real learning isn't about consuming facts; it's when the way you see the world is transformed. That's exactly what economic thinking does, and these free courses are a great way to get started.

Amazing Content

Articles, Games, Videos, and More!

Our free online courses provide awesome curriculum, and an adaptive learning experience that’s flexible for those who are facilitating and those who are self-paced learners.

Intuitive Online Interface

Access on desktop and mobile

Online courses feature an intuitive and adaptable interface that allows you to learn at home on your laptop or on-the-go with your mobile and tablet devices.

Shareable Credentials

Personalized certificate of achievement

After you finish a course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement to showcase your accomplishments. It can be printed, saved as a PDF, shared on social media, or added to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

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